europetour2008 Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia
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  August, 18th

Prague. In the morning old city is empty


Janitors clean mess after a tourists left behind last night



Prague. Hybrid of church and hotel??


Prague. Hanging man cafe.





Prague. Evil matryoshka


Prague is proud of they own nice drainage hatches, but NY are proud of made in India


Prague. Everyone can pump a vodka just from a street.



Prague. You can take picture and make you own post card


or buy some



Czech Republic


Austria, Wien



Wien. This woman never took any drawing class and have no skills but who care. Naive art have place in every biggest city's tourist spots.


Hot! Asphalt in Wien was too soft for rollerblading but good enough for sitting.










Vienneses are very heart-to-heart





'peeping Tom'






Wien. Everybody want to pee..


...even me








Slovenia. Maribor


Typically small city. No nightlife at all. After 10 PM city are empty.


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